AirForce Raptor Texan SS & LSS

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If you have a Texan LSS with the new Gen 2 shroud.  (See pictures) You can go with a long stock and can be ordered off the Texan Long page.  This stock will come up to the 4-way collar, just like the short on the Gen 1 shroud.  If you have the new trigger guard with the AR grip, we will need to supply you with the old-style trigger floor plate and screw.  Please contact us if you should have any questions.

This Raptor stock is built specifically for the Texan SS. Fit and function turn the SS into a Awesome hunting platform.

  • Stock is more traditional from grip forward.
  • Multi positional grip from field to bench.
  • Grip will fit all hand sizes.
  • Deeper inlet, frame tube rides the entire stock with 3/8" surface bevel on both sides.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • All Raptor stocks under 2lbs.
  • Very strong for its light weight and where most of the research/development was involved.
  • The stock design works perfectly on all rifles, from the Texan to the Talon P.
  • Inlet has a rubber spray liner to help bed the rifle.
Stock accessories available but not included.

Weight 1lb 1oz, Length 27", LOP 14-1/2 ".

Rifle and accessories available at

Ammo available at the following:

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