AirForce Bench Rest Stock (Ambi)

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This item is custom made usually ships within 3 to 6 weeks
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Gun Type
Adjustable Bench Leg
Sling Stud
Trigger Guard
Old Wire Safety

Rifle and Scope not include! No Rifle Sales.

This Stock will be custom made for the customer; it will need to be pre-ordered.

The stock should take about 2 weeks to complete and ship.

Now available for Texans; all calibers.

 The customer will have the following options:

·          Forearm width from 2 1/2" to 3 1/2"

·         LOP (Length of Pull) from 14 ¾” to whatever you need within reason.

·         Adjustable Bench Leg.

·         Rail.

·         Rail with Sling Stud.

·         Position the Bench Leg and Rail to customers specifications.

·         Option of Barrell change out holes (with or without).

·        This stock will take some communication between the customer and us because of all the options before we can start on your stock.

 Weight 4lb with a full 3 1/2" forearm.

Length 34 1/4" with the minimum 14 3/4” LOP.

The Bench Rest Stock will fit the following:

·         Talon SS

·         Condor SS

·         Condor

·         Texan; All Calibers

The Bench Rest Stock will fit and are compatible with old style frames, new frames, with the new safety and spinlock tanks.

 Adjustable Butt Pad has 5 positioning adjustment’s and 3” of travel, 1 ½” up from center and 1 ½” down from center position.  All five positions are in ¾” movements.

This stock is built as a dedicated bench rest platform and is built a little different from all other Mad Dog AirForce stocks.  I take more time to make sure that the stock fits to the tube perfectly and that there is not twisting of the frame when the stock is mounted to the rifle.

 The entire project was conceived around many of us that shoot the AirForce rifle off the bench to improve groups with a very stable platform and to maximize the long shot.  I have always pushed the AirForce rifle to its limits and now I can push it even further with a platform built to do just that!

TITLE-.257 World Records   Carl Matts


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