Air Force RJ-6A Recon Talon SS

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This item is custom made usually ships within 3 to 6 weeks
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Bottle Clamp
Adjustable Kydex Cheek Riser
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Old Wire Safety
Rifle and Scope not include! No Rifle Sales.

The RJ-6A Recon will be built to the customer specs at the time of order.
Rifle, scope and monopod not included. Accessories are picked out on order.
The RJ-6A Recon was designed for the AirForce platform. The stock design is for the Long-Range shooter, from the bottom up and was developed for field use (Long Range Hunting)
Two way adjustable but pad: 1-1/2" Up and Down. 1" in and out with shim stack.
Inlet is Rubber lined to help bed the rifle and helps accuracy.
Custom Kydex cheek riser (Optional) that will give you 350 MOA of sight picture.
Rear bottle clamp (Optional) locks the rifle down for a rock-solid platform. POI and stability are improved.
The RJ-6A Recon can be fit to any long frame AirForce gun, from a Talon SS to all Long Texans. The stock can be fit to a short frame if it is practical and agreed on before order.
This stock can be custom made with many options if wanted for extra cost. 

Custom cut for Big Bottle
Custom LOP
Custom Forearm Length

The RJ-6A Recon is the lighter and slimmer of the two stocks. It was developed for long range field use.
If you have questions on the RJ-6A Recon, please contact me so I can go over it all with you and I would prefer it.
Easy to install, comes with instructions and all mounting hardware included.

Rifle and accessories are available at

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